The Community Foundation Announces Three New Scholarships!

August 20, 2020 / 5 mins read

Contact: Melissa Ford

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Date: 08/20/2020

The Community Foundation Announces Three New Scholarships!

The Community Foundation is pleased to announce three new scholarships for seniors in Wabash County. The three traditional scholarships were created to honor and memorialize family members who passed away and to continue the legacies of these individuals. The three scholarships that were created include the Jonathan Snyder Memorial Scholarship, Dan Haupert Memorial Scholarship, and the Farlow Family Scholarship. With the creation of a scholarship, friends and family of these individuals can continue to remember and honor them through donations to the fund. Oftentimes, donors choose to make a contribution on the individual's birthday in their memory. We are humbled by the families who established these scholarships, and we look forward to the opportunities these scholarships will create for many students in Wabash County. To view a complete list of Community Foundation scholarships, visit

Jonathan Snyder Memorial Scholarship

Twenty-four years ago, following a tragic car accident on Labor Day weekend, the Jonathan Snyder Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of Jonathan Snyder. Jonathan, the son of Melissa Snyder and Kurt Snyder, was a 13-year old student who attended Northfield Jr/Sr. High School at the time of his accident.

In speaking about her son, Melissa said, “Jonathan loved life and took advantage of the great opportunities life can bring. He played football, was in the school band, and he especially loved God, his family, and his friends. Jonathan was kind and caring to everyone, and he always took time to anyone who needed a listening ear. He tried to encourage those who were down or discouraged, and he is often remembered by those who knew him for his integrity and his kindness.”

Following Jonathan’s accident, Jonathan's parents wanted a way to continue the joy and encouragement their son had brought to others. So, in 1996, with the Jonathan Snyder Trust Fund, Melissa established a scholarship in his name to be awarded annually to a Northfield High School senior with an interest in pursuing a helping profession, including but not limited to medicine, teaching, missions, and counseling. Earlier this year, Melissa wanted to simplify the administrative process of awarding the scholarship, so she transferred the remainder of the Jonathan

Snyder Trust Fund to the Community Foundation. Now, Melissa can continue to be involved in the selection of the scholarship recipient without handling the administrative procedures. For years to come, the Jonathan Snyder Memorial Scholarship will continue to be awarded to students who share Jonathan’s loving heart, joy for life, and kindness to others.

Dan Haupert Memorial Scholarship

Roxanne Haupert and her family have long been invested in agriculture and the community. After Roxanne's husband, Dan, passed away in a devastating grain silo accident in January 2020, the Haupert family wanted a way to remember and continue Dan's legacy and passions.

A 1971 graduate of Northfield High School, Dan Haupert invested his life in agriculture and his family. He enjoyed being involved in the community and was a past member of both the Urbana Lions Club and Pork Producers. Dan was kind-hearted and always willing to help others. “Whenever a neighbor farmer needed help in the fields due to an illness or other reasons, Dan was always there to help out,” said Roxanne. Farming gave Dan great pleasure and he " was always delighted when one of his children or grandchildren showed an interest in the family farm. He enjoyed showing them the equipment and having them ride along with him. He was so proud last fall when two of his grandchildren were old enough to drive the buggy wagon and were able to keep up with him in the combine."

To honor Dan’s work ethic and passion for farming, Roxanne and their children, Ryan, Tara, and Lisa wanted to continue Dan’s legacy by creating the Dan Haupert Memorial Scholarship for a Northfield High School senior. To assist in selecting the recipients for the scholarship, Roxanne and her children will sit on the Community Foundation’s Scholarship Committee to provide their recommendation of the candidate who best fits the scholarship award criteria. Recipients of the scholarship will have been involved with the Future Farmers of America during high school and will have plans to pursue a career in agriculture or a related field.

We thank Roxanne and her family for their thoughtfulness to continue Dan's values, and we we know Dan would be pleased to support students who share his passion for farming.

From left to right: daughter Tara Haupert, son Ryan Haupert, wife Roxanne Haupert, Dan Haupert, and daughter Lisa (Haupert) Sarll.

Farlow Family Scholarship

Earlier this year, Brad and Tammy Farlow, of Wabash, Indiana approached the Community Foundation with the goal of creating a scholarship for Metropolitan School District (MSD) seniors pursuing engineering or industry certified training following high school graduation. The scholarship would honor and remember Brad’s parents, Russel and Reba, and their hard work, drive, and dedication to their community, family, and lifelong work at the family business, the Indiana Handle Company (IHC) in Paoli, Indiana.

“Several generations of Farlows devoted their lives to the success of businesses interrelated in the woodworking industry,” described Tammy Farlow. “IHC began as part of a network of Farlow family businesses in Paoli, Indiana; at one time these also Included a hardware, lumber mill, building contractor services and housing development in addition to the wood manufacturing products of IHC. While not all Farlow family members returned to Paoli to live, Brad recalls his parents, Russel and Reba, expected him and his brother to work a few summers in the factory to appreciate the labor and legacy that were a part of the Farlow family history.”

While Russel and Reba were very involved with IHC, they were also community-minded and volunteered with many nonprofits and the local schools. Russel served as a school board member for Paoli Community Schools and Reba volunteered for the American Red Cross, Quaker Friends Meeting, and a traveling IU Optometry Clinic. When not working, Russel, who was also a pilot, enjoyed hunting and fishing, and Reba spent hours in her garden.

Owing to Russel and Reba’s lifelong commitment to their community and their steadfast appreciation of the woodworking industry and manufacturing, Brad and Tammy wanted to provide opportunities to students with similar aspirations. The Farlow Family Scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduating MSD senior pursuing a degree or industry recognized certification in manufacturing, trades, maintenance, or engineering. The recipient will embody the values of Russel and Reba and show evidence of a commitment to hard work. “Russel and Reba are examples of grit, determination, and success that began with just going to work every day,” said Tammy Farlow. “Brad and I are pleased that as a result of their lifelong ambitions, their success will support students and their educational needs in both Southern Indiana and in Wabash County, where their children live now.”

Russel and Reba Farlow were married 67 years prior to their deaths in 2018. They saw three of their grandchildren graduate from college. The youngest, Paul Farlow, pictured as a toddler, will graduate in his grandfather’s footsteps in 2021 with an engineering degree from Purdue University.


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