Introducing the Phillys -

The Community Foundation's Celebration of Philanthropy

April 29-May 03, 2024


In celebration of the Community Foundation’s 70th anniversary of its founding in January of 1954, the Foundation is pleased to launch its inaugural Philly Awards. Just as the Grammys recognize achievements in the recording industry; the Oscars award excellence in film; the Emmys, in television; and the Tonys for theatre: the Phillys recognize and award philanthropic achievements in Wabash County.

The Foundation is grateful for the many citizens, organizations, elected officials, professional advisors, ministries, agencies, and social clubs who contribute to the quality of life and welfare of Wabash County citizens. Rather than a single event, the Community Foundation is planning a weeklong celebration.

In addition to celebrating Wabash County Philanthropy in all its forms, the Foundation will award a Philly in three categories: 1) Philanthropist of the Year, 2) Nonprofit of the Year, and 3) Giving Here.  The Community is invited to nominate candidates for the Nonprofit of the Year and the Giving Here Phillys.

View the recipients here.

Each day of the week, a philanthropic sector will be celebrated:

Monday—Celebrate those who focus on Community Development and Population Growth

Tuesday-- Focus on Nonprofit Organizations and Community Foundation Grantees

Wednesday-- Celebrate Wabash County Educators

ThursdayCelebrate Giving in Wabash County

FridayCelebrate Community Volunteers

Help us choose who the Phillys go to in 2024…

To nominate a Nonprofit Philly or the Giving Here Philly, click the button below. If you prefer a paper nomination form, please contact Melissa Ford-Kalbfell at 260-982-4824 or by email at

Nominations are currently closed. Nomination forms for 2025 will open soon.

The Nonprofit of the Year will have provided exceptional, innovative and steadfast service to its clients, strengthened the community, and improved the quality of life of Wabash County citizens. The nonprofit of the Year will be awarded in two categories, Quality of Place and Health and Human Services, that alternate each year. The category for 2024 is Quality of Place. The nonprofit of the Year will receive a $5,000 grant to support its mission, operations, or programming.

The Philanthropist of the Year honors an individual or family that has exhibited significant charitable giving, stewardship, volunteerism, and leadership in the community. The Philanthropist of the Year sets an example and inspires others to give. The Community Foundation will select the Philanthropist of the Year, and the awardee will have the privilege of recommending a $2,500 grant to the charitable cause of his or her choice.

The Giving Here Philly will recognize a person or persons who brighten days, make lives easier, and go above and beyond to volunteer and support others here in Wabash County. Any Wabash County resident, regardless of age, who demonstrates a continual commitment to enhance the lives of others is eligible. The Giving Here awardee will have the privilege of recommending a $2,500 grant to the charitable cause of his or her choice.