Scholarship Recipients

I've been awarded a scholarship...Now What?

 Check out the boxes below to learn how to claim your Early Award Scholarship and/or the scholarships you were awarded as a high school senior. 

If you have questions, check out the FAQ page or contact Judi Orr by calling 260-982-4824 or emailing

Claim only Early Award Scholarships

The scholarships and savings matches you earned from 4th-8th grade remain in your Early Award Scholarship Fund until age 26. You earned these scholarships, and they cannot be transferred for the benefit of anyone else. When you apply, are accepted, and enroll in a qualifying post-secondary school, you may request a grant from your Early Award Scholarship Fund to be paid directly to the school you plan to attend.

Step 1

On our website,, click the Fund Portal tab in the top right corner and log in. (If you do not have a login, send a message to from your personal email.)


Step 2

After you log in, click the Grant Recommendations tab and enter the name of your college under Enter Grantee information manually. Click Submit.


Step 3

On the next screen beside Amount, type the full amount of money shown in your Fund. Next to Attachment, click Choose Files and attach your official tuition bill. (A phone picture is acceptable.) Add a thank you sentence in the Special Instructions box and click Review, then Submit Request.


Claim Traditional and/or Early Award Scholarships (video instructions)

Claiming your Early Award Scholarship is easy! Watch any of the short videos below, which were produced by fellow Wabash County students. They will walk you through the steps and all you need to know.

Listen to Jade and Charity at Wabash City Schools!
Learn from Delani and Olivia at Manchester Community Schools!
Hear from Northfield High School students Asia and Lilly!
Claim Traditional Scholarships (written instructions)

To claim your traditional scholarship, you must return to your scholarship account that you created through our online portal. Once you are logged into your account in the portal:

  1. Complete a form called “Contact and Billing Information.” Click the blue Edit button to access the form. Remember, you personally will not receive a check for the scholarship. All scholarships will be sent directly to the school in which you will be enrolled in the current school year. The Contact and Billing Information form tells us how to get in touch with you and where to send the scholarship check.
  2. As soon as you receive an official bill from your school, or as soon as an electronic bill is posted to your college online account, send us a copy by going back to your scholarship account and uploading the bill in PDF format. Only official bills will be considered. Do not upload an estimated statement. Be sure the bill shows all charges (tuition, room, board, fees) and all credits (all financial aid, scholarships, loans). Your scholarship can only be used for tuition and education fees. You must claim your scholarship by December 31 or it will be forfeited.
  3. If there is no outstanding balance on your statement for the fall semester, you will not forfeit your scholarship. The scholarship will be held by the Community Foundation for a future semester. You must contact the Community Foundation by December 31 to indicate that you plan to use the scholarship in a future semester. If you do not contact the Community Foundation by December 31, you will forfeit your scholarship.