Imagine One 85 Plan Passes Major Milestone

July 22, 2022 / 5 mins read

We are pleased to report that the Imagine One 85 plan recently passed a major milestone. On Thursday evening June 16, a joint public hearing between the Wabash City Plan Commission, the North Manchester Town Plan Commission, and the Wabash County Plan Commission was held to approve the Plan and recommend the Plan to their respective legislative bodies (Wabash City Council, Town of North Manchester, and Wabash County Commissioners) for adoption. The meetings among the legislative bodies are scheduled to take place in the coming month.​

The approval and certification of the Imagine One 85 plan was a major achievement for our county and for all of the elected officials, businesses, organizations, and individuals who have dedicated time and contributed feedback for the Plan’s creation. Comprehensive plans created for all jurisdictions within a county are unique and are rarely accomplished. Thus, the approval of the Imagine One 85 plan represents the collaborative nature of Wabash County citizens and the willingness to understand that what may benefit one community will benefit the entire county. For some insight into how long and complex the process was, we have accumulated a timeline of events starting in October 2018 that have influenced and contributed to the Imagine One 85 plan.

There is still much to do in order to fully adopt and implement the plan, but we thank you for your role in helping us reach this point in the process. On behalf of the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors, we would like to thank you for your dedication to Wabash County and for your involvement in the Community Foundation and Grow Wabash County’s initiatives for population growth. We look forward to the work and the journey ahead!