Parent Survey with $20 Incentive

January 28, 2022 / 5 mins read

Parents of all 7th-11th grade students who attend a Wabash County school are invited to take a 20-minute survey to help the Community Foundation understand how money for education after high school helps Wabash County families.

Who may take the survey?
A parent may complete exactly one survey for each child attending Wabash County schools in grades 7-11, whether or not that student is enrolled in the EAS Program.

What does the survey ask?
The survey asks multiple choice questions in the following areas: parent expectations, parent involvement in the child’s academics, planning for post-secondary education, health, savings, demographics, parent-child communication, awareness of college costs, finances, use of social services.

How long does the survey take?
The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. Parents can skip any question they don’t know or don’t want to answer.

What happens to the survey responses?
Survey responses go directly to researchers at the University of Michigan. Parent and student responses are not linked to identifiable information -- only to an ID number that links their answers with their nameless student’s answers and administrative data. Individual responses are not shared with the Community Foundation.

Is there an incentive to take the survey?
Parents will receive a $20 gift card for each survey they complete. (For example, if they have three kids in grades 7-11, and they complete a survey for each of them, they will receive $60.) An additional $5 bonus will go to each parent who previously took the survey in 2019.

How will parents take the survey?
On February 1st, a unique survey link associated with each 7th-11th grade student will be emailed to their parents using the primary email address on file at school. The survey can be taken on any device - phone, laptop, ipad, etc. Parents who cannot locate their survey link should verify their email address by contacting the Community Foundation at 260-982-4824 or Joanne Case, Parents without email addresses will receive a paper copy through their child’s school.

Is there a student survey?
Yes, if parents give permission, their children in 7th-11th grade may take a 15-minute student survey in school on their electronic devices in March, for which students will receive $5.