Fall Good Deeds Grant Application Deadline September 15

January 13, 2022 / 5 mins read

In 2021, nearly $200,000 in Good Deeds grants were distributed to a wide variety of organizations serving Wabash County citizens. These grant resources are generated from more than $10 million in investments contributed by generous donors to the Community Foundation. These endowed funds produce valuable investment income each year, a portion of which is used to help nonprofits meet urgent needs, support education initiatives, and provide opportunities for people with few resources.

Julie Garber, Program Director of the Foundation, and the Foundation’s Program Committee are looking for grant proposals that promise to have great impact on the community. “When we can change conditions that are causing hardship in the community, we have really accomplished something. Keeping a family in financial crisis from being homeless, helping 85 Hope clients afford medical care that makes them healthy enough to work, or supporting a childcare center that prepares children to succeed in kindergarten while giving their parents the opportunity to be fully employed—these are the signs of successful grant projects.”

Two Good Deeds deadlines each year give nonprofits and organizations doing charitable work the chance to compete for grants to serve citizens of Wabash County. Priority in grantmaking is given to urgent human need, such as hunger relief, health initiatives, housing for the homeless, addictions treatment, shelters, youth programs, and childcare. Groups may also ask for grants to fund the arts, recreation, civic engagement, and education, especially where the grant provides an opportunity for people with limited resources to participate.

Good Deeds Grants make it possible for organizations to take on projects and programs that are not supported by their regular budgets. Operating grants are also available to groups that need temporary support to achieve stability or grow their organizations. Grants cannot be used for compensation to employees.

Online applications for fall 2022 Good Deeds Grants are due by 11:59 pm on September 15. The online application will be available beginning August 1, 2022. Guidelines for grant-writers and the application form are available at cfwabash.org. Organizations applying for the first time or organizations that have a new grant-writer must make an appointment for orientation with Julie Garber at the Foundation before submitting an application. Experienced grant-writers may submit without an appointment. Grant awards will be announced October 15, 2022.