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Public Meetings Scheduled for Studies Report

The Community Foundation of Wabash County announced today that the first phase of the Studies for Advancement has been completed and that the summary report will be presented.  The Foundation has engaged the work of four consultants to assist county schools in considering the many factors that impact delivery of their mission to provide high quality education to our students.    “Studies for Advancement” included five areas of research to better inform the county school systems and support them as they cooperatively work together to offer the best educational opportunities possible.

The five areas of assessment conducted in the first phase of the Studies for Advancement were facilities, population/enrollment, academics, county workforce projections, and finances.  Dr. Carol Lindquist, CFWC consultant and study coordinator, has compiled the studies and will present the summary report.

“It is highly commendable that the three districts are actively preparing for the future by examining their current strengths and the potential threats to providing the strong educational experiences they want for their students.   It is my pleasure to present the findings from these studies to the families and businesses of Wabash County, with confidence that further conversations will lead to effective planning for the future,” said Dr. Lindquist.

Presentations are planned for Wednesday, September 20 in the Honeywell Center’s Legacy Hall at 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm, and on Thursday, September 21 at the Central Offices of Manchester Community Schools at 6:00 pm.   The presentations of the report are open to the public. 

The needs of young learners are the highest priority when discussing the future of Wabash County. The Studies for Advancement successfully permitted meaningful conversation within and between districts, and the Community Foundation is pleased to share the report. 

The first phase of the initiative focused on providing high-quality, meaningful information for use within and between Wabash County public school districts. Having received this information, the Community Foundation is eager to support the schools as they engage their boards and constituents in discussion of ways to use the report findings. Together, the school districts and Community Foundation will determine specifically how this support can be most beneficial for the schools and their communities.