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Lighthouse Missions New Building Fund


The Wabash County Lighthouse Missions, a non-profit organization serving those in need within Wabash County, has announced a campaign to purchase a building to house their services. The Community Foundation of Wabash County is pleased to support Lighthouse Missions by receipting donations for the new building project into a newly created fund –the Lighthouse Mission Growth and Maintenance Fund at the Community Foundation. . Your tax-deductible donation will help bring grant funds into Wabash County and assist Lighthouse Missions in serving the community.

Lighthouse Missions has applied for a grant from the Office of Rural and Community Affairs (OCRA) to assist in the building acquisition and renovation, which will cost $641,577. If awarded, the grant will provide $359,517 towards that cost. Lighthouse Missions will cover $180,000. The remaining $102,060 will need to be raised from the community by November 1, 2018 in order to qualify for the OCRA grant. Several local contractors and businesses have already offered to assist with donated time and materials.

For the past 14 years, Lighthouse Missions (Wabash County Thrift Store) has rented its current retail location at 806 N. Cass Street. This location is becoming increasingly economically inefficient to operate, and Lighthouse Mission has simply outgrown the space. The potential new building has ample space, as well as modern and efficient amenities, which will allow more efficient service to Wabash County citizens in need.

Additionally, the mortgage for the new building would be considerably less than the current building rent. The location would allow more space for inventory, as well as the ability to offer low-cost rent within the building to Advantage Housing, Inc. and no-cost rent to F.I.S.H. of Wabash County.

Lighthouse Missions provides low-to-no cost gently-used household items and clothing, as well as low-to-no cost items and services to those in need, such as mattresses for children, food, gas cards, transportation to shelters, free clothing for job interviews, and community service opportunities. One customer raved, “Lighthouse Missions is well organized. They have a little bit of everything, and their prices are very reasonable!”

The Wabash community has supported Lighthouse Missions by generously donating items and monetary gifts throughout the years. Lighthouse Missions staff and board said, “We are extremely grateful for the support we have received, and we hope we can count on your continued support to advance our mission to assist our neediest citizens through a more effective and efficient facility.”

Please make checks payable to the Community Foundation of Wabash County, memo line Lighthouse Missions Building, or contribute online at www.cfwabash.org.

If Lighthouse Missions does not receive the OCRA grant, all donations will be designated for use in a future building acquisition for Lighthouse Mission and held by the Community Foundation until needed.