Fall 2010

Charley Creek Foundation (Arts Fest): $2,000.00
Mad Anthony’s Children’s Hope House (Hope has a Home): $3,500.00
Junior Achievement serving Wabash County (Finance Park): $2,200.00
Learn More Center (2011 Initiative): $4,500.00
LIFE Center (Earn While You Learn (car seats)): $1,404.00
Manchester Community Child Care (State Conference): $1,265.00
MSD-Southwood Jr/Sr High School (Chasing the Copper Sun): $777.60
North Manchester Civic Symphony (April 2011 Concert): $1,650.00
North Manchester Historical Society (Fire Extinguishers): $1,275.00
Reins & Rainbows (Sobering Reality): $725.00
Reins & Rainbows (Driving Your Life): $973.00
Town of Lagro/Lagro Library (Movie Night): $965.00
Wabash County Council on Aging (Food Pantry): $990.00
Wabash County Historical Museum (Archival Supplies): $1,500.00
Wabash Valley Music Association (Honors Band/Choir):  $3,250.00 (plus $250 from the Fine Arts Club)
WCS-Wabash Middle/High School (Recycling Club): $327.00 (plus $73 from the Manchester Recycling Environmental Endowment)
WCS-Wabash Middle/High School (Scientific Immersion): $1,500.00
White’s Residential & Family Services (Vocational Education Center): $2,000.00
YMCA (Leadership Training Grant): $2,000.00

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