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Summer 2012

85 Hope, Inc. (85 Hope Free Medical Clinic): $5,000
Blessings in a Backpack (Blessings in a Backpack: WCS/MSDWC): $2,000
Helping Hands of Wabash County, Inc. (Food Purchases and Operational Expenses): $2,500
Honeywell Foundation (Honeywell Foundation Educational Outreach Program): $4,000
Learn More Center (Adult Basic Education in Wabash County): $7,500
Living Well in Wabash County, CoA (Nutritious Foods & Produce): $3,000
Manchester Early Learning Center (Active Play and Literacy Enhancement): $2,000
Wabash Area Community Theater ("Annie" and TBD 2013 Non Musical): $1,000
Wabash County Community Corrections (Moral Recognition Therapy for Wabash County Inmate Population): $2,300
Wabash County Jail (No Mind Left Behind: Wabash County Jail Inmate GED Program): $4,000