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Spring 2013

Good Deeds Grants
Charley Creek Foundation (Charley Creek Arts Fest): $1,000
Education for Conflict Resolution (Technology Upgrade for Education for Conflict Resolution): $2,890
Family Service Society (Hands of Hope Intervention Booklets and Hotline Stands): $1,000
Habitat for Humanity (Habitat for Humanity Connecting, Tracking, Storing to Grow out Impact): $1,666
Honeywell Foundation (The Honeywell Center Vocal Impact Youth Choir): $1,000
Learn More Center (Challenge Grant): $5,000
Manchester Early Learning Center (Exploring Science): $3,545
Manchester University (Youth Triathlon of Wabash County): $2,800
Mental Health America of Wabash County (Educational Materials Funding): $1,500
Wabash Area Community Theater (Peter Pan): $2,000
Wabash City Schools VPA (Summer Art Classes): $1,000
Wabash City Schools VPA (Summer Theatre 2013): $2,000
Wabash Street Level Ministries (AYC Family Outreach): $3,455

Strategic Initiative Awards
Learn More Center (Challenge grant): $5,000
MSDWC/WCS (Begindergarten): $1,500

Field of Interest Grants
Manchester Early Learning Center (Exploring science): $3,545 from the Manchester Recycling Environmental Endowment