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Spring 2011

American Legion Post #15 (Handicap Ramp): $1,000
Education for Conflict Resolution (Peace Learning Connection for MCS): $3,000
Family Services Society (Empowering DV victims and youth): $2,875
Learn More Center (Efficient Effective Education): $5,000
Main Street, Inc. (Landscaping for the Thomas Marshall Home Landmark): $1,000
Manchester College (“1776”):  $2,000
Manchester Fellowship of Churches (Food Pantry Storage): $5,250
Manchester Recreation Association (Scoreboards): $1,500
North Manchester Chamber of Commerce (Fun Fest lights): $800
North Manchester Historical Society (Oppenheim Collection Display Setting): $1,218
Second Harvest Food Bank (Tailgate Program):  $7,000
TenderHearts Child Care Ministry (What’s for Dinner?):  $514.95
Wabash Area Community Theatre (“The Music Man”):  $2,000
Wabash City Schools for VPA (Summer Art Classes):  $2,000
Wabash City Schools for VPA (Summer Theatre):  $2,000
Wabash County Cancer Society (Mileage and Medicine):  $2,500
Wabash County Council on Aging (Benefit Enrollment Center):  $1,000
Wabash Middle School (6th Grade Chicago Field Trip):  $1,000