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Fall 2011

American Red Cross of North Central Indiana (Disaster Services- Mass Care): $2,500
The Arc of Wabash County, Inc. (Shark Shredding): $6,000
Forensic Nursing Specialties, Inc. (Rural Advocate Program): $1,000
The Honeywell Foundation, Inc. (Wabash Valley Music Assoc. Honors Band & Choir): $2,000
Living Well in Wabash County, CoA, Inc. (Service Support): $2,000
Living Well in Wabash County, CoA, Inc. (Training/Conference Fee): $580
Manchester College (International Fair): $2,000
Manchester Early Learning Center (Early Childhood Conference): $2,160
MSD of Wabash County- Wabash-Miami Area Program for Exceptional Children (Windows to Opportunity): $3,750
North Manchester Historical Society (Thomas Marshall House Furniture): $1,000
Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana, Inc. (Wabash County Tailgate Program): $7,000
Urbana Lions Club (Scoreboard for Urbana Ball Field): $1,000
Vernon Manor Children’s Home (Multi-Sensory Suite): $1,000
Wabash County YMCA, Inc. (Leadership Training Grant): $2,000
WCS- Wabash City Schools (Wendella Boat Tour- Combined River and Lake): $500