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Non-Permanent Funds

Non-Permanent Funds
Our services also include the administration of non-permanent funds, which typically are only temporarily a part of the Foundation.  They may be given to the Foundation for redistribution when certain conditions are met.

Bergstedt-Manchester High School Exchange Fund provides funds to Manchester Community Schools for its high school students who demonstrate financial need and who have been selected by Manchester Community Schools to participate in a short-term educational exchange with students from Bergstedt High School in Hamburg, Germany.

Friends of the North Manchester Public Library Advised Intermediate Fund provides support to the North Manchester Public Library in North Manchester, Indiana.

Non-Permanent Donor-Advised Funds

These funds are established by individuals or organizations that retain the privilege of recommending distributions from time to time.  Here, the principal as well as earnings are utilized in grants and additional gifts replenish or continue the fund.

Andrew K. and Betty J. Butterbaugh Charitable Fund
Debra M. and James H Chinworth Advised Non-Permanent Fund
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Dragoo Charitable Fund
David D. & Jane C. Grandstaff Charitable Fund
David M. & Patricia S. Grant Charitable Fund
Guynn/Sudheimer Fund
David L. and Mary P. Lahman Non-Permanent Donor-Advised Fund
Robin D. and Jeanette M. Lahman Non-Permanent Donor-Advised Fund
Daniel P. and Willoughby L. Naragon Charitable Fund 
Midwest Poultry Services, LP, Charitable Fund
Strauss Family Advised Non-Permanent Fund
Strauss Veal Feeds, Inc. Charitable Fund

Special Project Funds
Special Project funds are established by the board to support a specific charitable activity or community project that is consistent with the priorities of the community and the exempt purposes of the Foundation.


College Success Coalition of Wabash County Special Project Fund supports programs and activities that promote a college-going culture in Wabash County, such as planning, preparing, and paying for post-secondary education.

Good Samaritan Endowment provides financial assistance to worthy and needy children and adults residing in Wabash County, Indiana who have a need of financial assistance as a result of injury, disease, or medical condition.

Manchester Early Learning Center Building Fund supports the construction of a child care center for the residents of the town of North Manchester, Indiana.

Manchester Main Street Special Project Fund promotes, supports, and undertakes programs, actions, and initiatives to beautify and improve the environment of the town of North Manchester, Indiana.

North Manchester Community Enrichment Fund promotes charitable or other exempt purposes within the Town of North Manchester, Indiana.

Sparrow Fund for Orphans and Vulnerable Children provides support to the Eel River Community Church of the Brethren in Silver Lake, Indiana to be used to provide education and basic human assistance to the children of Africa, ages 5 to 18.

Town Life Center Special Project Fund supports the care and improvement of the Thomas Marshall Town Life Center in North Manchester, Indiana.