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Why Give

Giving to your community is an expression of your goals and values.  We know that you enjoy supporting the causes that mean the most to you.  We at the Community Foundation want to be your partners in philanthropy—we want to assure that your valuable gift will make the biggest impact possible.

We believe anyone can be a philanthropist, and we work hard to make giving easy and meaningful for donors.  Here is how we help you give:
•    Accepting a wide variety of gift types (cash, stocks, life insurance, property)
•    Offering many fund types. You can name a fund, advise a fund, or designate an area of interest or specific charity to benefit
•    Administering the funds. You get the joy of giving while we do the research, paperwork, grant follow-up and reporting
•    Sharing our community needs expertise
•    Endowing funds so that your charitable wishes create a permanent legacy

Why use the Community Foundation as a vehicle for giving?

By giving through an endowment, you decide to provide support into the future.  By using the Foundation, you are afforded the most efficient, flexible, and convenient means to support your individual charitable interests.  Giving through the Community Foundation is local, it’s low cost, flexible and convenient.  A named endowment created by you is like having your very own private foundation without the burdens.  We take care of all of the administrative services you would have to employ separately --- including the annual audit, IRS filings, grant evaluation and compliance, and financial reporting.  Additionally, your endowment benefits from being invested with other Community Foundation endowment assets – resulting in lower investment fees and greater investment diversification.  And lastly, you direct us regarding the degree of anonymity or recognition you require and the degree of specificity in grantmaking.

We offer you power and flexibility in charitable giving without the paperwork, time, and expense associated with running your own private foundation.  We can help you establish an endowment that will maximize both your tax advantages and your impact in the community – now and forever.  

There are five types of endowments: unrestricted, designated, field of interest, scholarship, and donor-advised.  Further, the Foundation offers 3 types of non-permanent funds:  Special project, pass-through, and donor-advised.  Currently, the Foundation administers over 250 funds. 

You can create an endowment to be named for a family member or loved one, in honor of, or as a memorial.  An endowment can be created anonymously.  You can direct the grants from you endowment broadly or narrowly to issues you care about or to wherever the needs are the greatest.

How do endowments work?

The simplest explanation of an endowment is that it is a way to financially provide in perpetuity for the people, places, and organization of this community that are dear to you.  An endowment is established through a charitable contribution to the Community Foundation.  We don’t spend your gift, we save it and invest it wisely to grow and produce earnings.  Through an endowment agreement, executed at the time of your donation, the Foundation agrees to distribute a portion of the endowment’s earnings to the designated charitable entity, or cause you care most about.  Distributions are called grants. Only a portion of the earnings are distributed in order to allow your fund to grow over time.  As time passes, grants from your endowment will exceed the value of your original gift.